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Creeper Trail Bike Rental - Shuttle

VA Creeper Trail bike rental, Whitetop Virginia.
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Trail History and Information

  If the Virginia Creeper Trail could speak, it would surely have some tales to tell. Beginning as
a  Native American footpath, it later served early explorers and trappers such as Daniel Boone and Wilburn Waters, and settlers crossing the mountains in search of new land to inhabit.
  Just prior to 1900, a railroad was built from Abingdon to Damascus, and in 1905 was extended to Konnarock and Elkland, North Carolina. In the early days, the train hauled iron ore, lumber, supplies, and passengers.
  Train crews faced rock slides, wash-outs, and other hazards over the course of the route's sharp curves, steep grades, and 100 trestles and bridges, and having failed to show a profit in many years, the Creeper ran it's last train on March 31, 1977.
  But that's not the end of the story. With the help of local and federal governments, and the work of volunteers, the Creeper became a National Recreation Trail and opened for public use.
  Although the trail is open to the public for recreational use, the trail right-of-way belongs to the towns of Abingdon and Damascus from its' beginning in Abingdon to Iron Bridge (Mile 18.4) and most of the land is actually privately owned. The 15.9 miles of trail between Iron Bridge and the state line near Whitetop VA is part of the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area.
  With picturesque scenery always at hand, the Virginia Creeper Trail takes you through some of the most rugged country and across some of the most beautiful mountain streams in the Eastern United States. It is widely acclaimed as one of the most beautiful trails on the continent. We truly hope and believe that you will enjoy your visit.
Tips for the Trail
• Cell phones do not work from Whitetop to Damascus. Service is spotty on the Abingdon to Damascus portion.
• Helmets are strongly recommended.
• Watch for hikers, bikers, horses, and most of all, children.
• Bring cash or credit card - there are stores and restaurants along the way.
• The Trail is largely maintained by volunteers. Please do not litter.
Email: info@creepertrailbikerental-shuttle.com
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